Friendster for Human, Dogster for Dogs

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Social sites now are so in. Many of us enjoy the cool features of it. Finding old friends, new friends and even those that we've never known. Sites like,, HiFive, Refriends and many others.

But wait, our pets are need to be at their best too right? I guess that's the reason why was created.

"For the Love of Dog". was created for our dog pets. Here you can create your own profile plus the profile of your dog. You can add friends too, write a blog about your pet and background of what he likes or hate.

Me of course has an account and enjoy making friends from all over the world.

You too can try it. Just sign-up and Ola! You have can create a profile that's perfect for your dog!

When Dog Gets Spoiled

Monday, July 28, 2008
Do you have a dog who, in any moment demands and like to do the things that he really wants?

As for me, I already have. Well, a dog like mine never listens to me most of the time. Sometimes, I'm so afraid that he'll bite me if I will never give the love and care that would satisfy him. Ok, like for instance, he strongly hates my other dog. So, everytime he sees him, he will bark to death and if given a chance he will surely fight for him. Not to mention that he's way smaller than the other. He's a spitz while the other one is obviously bigger that him.

So, what I always do is to let the other one go away, lead him to the other way and poor him, he'll walk alone.

My dog will never stop playing as long as he wants to. Everytime he's inside my room, he'll play all over and even bit every little thing that he sees. Not only that, when he thinks that he's so happy playing, he will never let you hold him. and will just give you a loud.. GGGRRRRRRR!

But, even if he's like that, he's always assure that he is beloved by me. He's the only baby that I have even if he's like that. :)


Thursday, July 24, 2008
Almost daily every animal hospital receives a call about canine eye problems; and the diversity of concern expressed by the dog’s caretaker runs a wide spectrum. There are times when veterinarians will check a frantic and anxious client’s dog only to discover an insignificant soreness in the dog’s supporting tissues around the eye (called conjunctiva). The very next “eye case” may be an advanced corneal ulcer that has allowed internal contents of the eye to actually protrude through the corneal surface! And that client might calmly state, “It’s been like that for two weeks but we though it would clear up”.

Fortunately in most veterinary practices the entire staff has been directed to prioritize all calls that express concern about a potential ocular difficulty. The reason for expediting the evaluation of any case relating to eye difficulties is that there is no way for verbal description to convey the true nature or severity of the problem. Seemingly innocent conditions can fool you… and result in an ocular emergency rather rapidly. These cases simply must be seen right away.

Let’s take the “squinting dog” as an example. Surely any dog might develop a mild irritation in an eye and squint for a few moments, and extra tear production would be expected, too. But without direct examination of the eye and attendant structures, no one (not even a Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology) would know if the squinting is due to a tiny scratch on the cornea, a cinder hiding beneath the third eyelid or a penetrating wound from a carelessly aimed BB gun! And one of the very first signs of systemic diseases such as Blastomycosis or cancer could be an innocent looking squint.

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